GSSW was founded in 1992 by Thomas Sabin and Kevin Rucker. GSSW’s parent company is Americo Life. Tom and Kevin bring a combined 50 years of expertise in land, retail, and multifamily.

Thomas Sabin Jr.

Tom Sabin is currently the Vice President and co-founder of GSSW Real Estate Investments. Tom Sabin began his accomplished career in the real estate business in 1979 with the Duvall-Giles Company. In 1983, Mr. Sabin formed the Sabin-Huey Company, specializing in the land brokerage business. Prior to the formation of GSSW, Tom was President of a subsidiary of the Southmark Corporation. From 1987 to 1991, Mr. Sabin and his team were responsible for the sale of approximately 2 billion dollars of real estate assets. With Tom’s leadership, GSSW has owned over 11,000 units and currently owns around 3,000 units. Tom has been with GSSW for 23 years.

Kevin Rucker:

Kevin Rucker is Director of Finance of GSSW Real Estate Investments. Prior to co-founding GSSW, Kevin served as the Vice President of Operations for Equities Consultants Inc., a subsidiary of Southmark Corporation, from 1986-1992. While at Southmark, Kevin supervised the sales and acquisition analysis of property solicited for Southmark Corporation and its affiliates, which collectively owned and managed over $10 billion of real estate. Kevin has been with GSSW for 23 years.

Campbell Fritzel (Analyst):

Campbell joined GSSW in 2016. Prior to working with GSSW, Campbell received a BSBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Arkansas.